Fiber Laser (MQFL-05) Specifications

Max-Quality Electric Co; LTD have developed a novel fiber laser system MQFL-05 which is designed for application in resistor trimming. According to the common used trimming equipment, this laser trimming system integrated all the required optics, signal control, and setup mechanics. The original diamond blade trimming system can be quickly replaced with the laser trimming system. And the laser on/off signal can directly used original control signal. After long term production testing and modification, MQFL-05 was demonstrated to be able to continually and stably produce precision resistors with resistance error within 0.1%. Except cleaning or replacing the protected window every month, maintain for the laser system is much easy than the original blade trimming system. Additional advantages such as low power consumption, low dust and noise level is also demonstrated to be better for our environment.
Optics Specifications
  min typical max unit
wavelength 1050 1064 1070 nm
Average laser power 4 5 6 Watt
Pulse repetition rate 10 20 30 KHz
Pulse width 50 100 150 ns
Rising time   100 200 us
Falling time   100 200 us
Power stability     ±5 %/hr
Focus spot size 0.03 0.05 0.1 mm
Working distance 65 70 75 mm
Aiming laser power 0 0.5 1 mW
Other specification
  Minimum Typical Maximum Unit
Voltage 90   240 VAC
Electric power 50 100 150 Watt
Working temperature 0   +42
Storage temperature -10   +60
Warm up time   2 10 min
weight     20 Kg
Fiber length 1 1.5   m
Laser Cutting Map
Laser upper width 50um
Lower width 30um
Cutting depth 10um
Film thickness around 2um
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